Wheel of Life

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Feeling like your life is a bit off balance? Can’t quite put a finger on it? You’re not alone, many people feel like this and never take the time to figure out why.

The Wheel of Life exercise is a quick tool that can show you exactly why you feel this way.



You will need to download/print the wheel and grab a pencil. Once you download the form, watch the 3-minute video for instructions.




Scott Gibbens
Scott Gibbens has been a small business owner since 1988. Scott enjoys helping people from all walks of life start and grow their own business.

4 Responses to “Wheel of Life

  • My life is certainly off balance when it comes to dating, health, and money. Things just aren’t going the way they should be in my life, and something has to change!

    After reading your article and seeing the Wheel of Life video, it seems like a great tool. I sure would love to make my whole life a 10 instead of being at zero. 🙁

    It’s really interesting to see how the lines and shading can show us just how unbalanced our life is, and exactly what needs improving to make the wheel turn.

    Thanks for the guidance on improving my life.


    • Scott Gibbens
      9 months ago

      Hi Neil – I hope that this helps clarify what you need to be focusing on. Best wishes.

  • Hi Scott, I think that I have a lot of gaps to fill in before the wheel be effective. I knew that before but it helped me to see that I am very happy with some aspects of my life. I guess that I should start improving some others. The first thing I want to fill in is money. So, I will try to focus on that.

    • Scott Gibbens
      9 months ago

      I think that’s a great start, I am glad it helped you.

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